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Risk Management – How do we assess one of our largest liabilities in organizations?
Employee Satisfaction Surveys deep dive into workplace issues that owners, managers or executives may not even be aware they are facing risk for. People are our largest expense, and with a changing workforce, employee retention should be on the fore front. HR/IR uses SaaS (Surverying as a Solution) to provide guidance and tools to small-medium sized organizations to effectively manage their workforce, ultimately increasing productivity leading to profits for all.


HR/IR’s Survey System, confidential in nature, houses 17 Core Statements developed by experts in the Human Resource field. These statements are general yet specific to pressing issues all employers face; whether you have 2 – 200, 000 employees. Find the answers you never knew you needed. Our statements are designed to showcase concrete data that management can focus on to develop their workforce in the right direction. Or, subsequently, find the problem employees, including managers.


While these 17 statements take only moments for employees to answer, there are many layers involved for why we ask them:

My organization is strongly upholding our policy on sexual harassment in the workplace – ultimate liability for any employer. Compliance on investigative protocols are essential to follow. How do you know if there is sexual harassment in the workplace?

I have sufficient freedom to carry out my job responsibilities – alludes to creativity, autonomy and decision-making skills for employees to feel empowered by their bosses.

My organization is making changes to be successful – embracing change reduces burnout amongst employees; why do something one way when a new, faster and better way is out there?

In the last month my Manager has encouraged me to be creative and innovative – 70% of organizations with an employee recognition program tie recognition to organizational values and 59% integrate recognition into their talent strategy.

Whatever we ultimately call the survey, it is the wise organization that will want to obtain the feedback from employees.  It is a reminder that a job is an “employment contract” between an employer and an employee and that requires a regular ongoing validation including surveys and appraisals.  After all, we do want a loyal workforce that does not have to be replaced too often to get the maximum productivity from the entire group.      

Ask Questions – Gain Perspective – Act Now
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From 3 to 3 million, let us know how many employees you want to be surveyed.
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Access comparative data by industry, geography, departments, union/non-union, customizable statements and previous years results
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17 Core statements
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HR/IR makes it easy:

  • 20 minutes maximum for employees to complete
  • Comments available on every question
  • No administration time for employers
  • Results available online immediately upon survey close
  • Assess and analyze findings
  • Comparative data and heat map in your report
  • Use your business banner/logo

Why Do I Care?

  • Know what your employees truly think
  • Payroll is your largest controllable cost centre
  • Construct proactive strategies to attract and retain staff
  • Measure the performance of supervisors & managers
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Measurement to contribute to incentive bonus plans
  • Compare departments & seek out the weakest links
  • Employee Satisfaction = More Productivity = Increased Profits

So what’s the downside? There really isn’t.

Increases Profit

Assist to target payroll dollars for optimum results. all features

Performance Review

Use for performance review of management. all features


Benchmark against your competition or yourself year-over-year! all features

The Power of ES3 Online

Improve the 3 P’s!

Performance, Productivity and Profitability
I feel the survey could be a valuable tool for Fire Chiefs – it helped me confirm suspected problem areas, and supported decision-making for our department.
Chief Reynolds

Fire Chief, Ocean Wave Fire Company

The HR/IR satisfaction survey helped me prioritize and focus on some issues that had been around the department for some time – it will be interesting to compare with subsequent surveys.
Chief Beauchamp

Fire Chief, Smiths Falls Fire Department

I was pleased to see the willing support of my team – the survey results provided objective confirmation and validation of items I prioritized as Chief.
Chief Northrup

Fire Chief, Cramahe Township Fire Department

We were very pleased with the smooth administration of the system with over 2000 employees completing the on-line survey in the same period with the results available for all reviewers who had received permission instantly upon the completion of the survey.

Millie Christie

VP People, Verve Senior Living

Ask The RIGHT Questions!

There are 17 Mandatory Core Universal Questions asked on every survey. Not enough?

Choose more from our list of 100 additional questions or create your own.

Each question allows for additional comments for clarity.

Choose either our forced response 4-point Likert Scale or a text response.

Customizable statements are also available at no additional charge

Employee Satisfaction Survey Report

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Not all employees wish to be engaged,
but ALL employees wish to be SATISFIED!

100% Anonymity Guaranteed

How Satisfied Are Your Employees?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Survey System Mobile Friendly?
Yes, our system allows you to conduct a survey on any device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Your employees can take the survey when it is convenient for them. The generated report is available on a desktop or laptop only because of the amount of detail we gather for you.
Can I export my survey results?
Yes, we provide you the ability to export your survey to a Printer, PDF file or an Excel file for futher manipulation of the results.
Can I find out who took the survey or who provided certain answers?
Absolutely NOT! Our survey system guarantees 100% anonymity. We require that at least 3 employees complete the survey before we will provide you the results so that you can not determine who answered what. We do this to ensure your employees answer honestly and not fudge the answers because they know you are watching.

Still Have Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to contact us anytime.