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Verve Senior Living
We have now had the opportunity to utilize the HRIR Satellite Employee Satisfaction Survey for four successive years for our multi-location business. The promise of anonymity and the confidentiality of our results were important considerations for us. We were very pleased with the smooth administration of the system with over 2000 employees completing the on-line survey in the same period with the results available for all reviewers who had received permission instantly upon the completion of the survey.
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Employee Satisfaction Survey Report

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Not all employees wish to be engaged,
but ALL employees wish to be SATISFIED!

100% Anonymity Guaranteed

Improve the 3 P’s!

Performance, Productivity and Profitability
I feel the survey could be a valuable tool for Fire Chiefs – it helped me confirm suspected problem areas, and supported decision-making for our department. Chief Reynolds

Fire Chief, Ocean Wave Fire Company

The HR/IR satisfaction survey helped me prioritize and focus on some issues that had been around the department for some time – it will be interesting to compare with subsequent surveys. Chief Beauchamp

Fire Chief, Smiths Falls Fire Department

I was pleased to see the willing support of my team – the survey results provided objective confirmation and validation of items I prioritized as Chief. Chief Northrup

Fire Chief, Cramahe Township Fire Department

How Satisfied Are Your Employees?

Overall Satisfaction Index



Core Seventeen Satisfaction Index



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Why Do I Care?

  • Know what your employees truly think
  • Payroll is your largest controllable cost centre
  • Construct proactive strategies to attract and retain staff
  • Measure the performance of supervisors & managers
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Measurement to contribute to incentive bonus plans
  • Compare departments & seek out the weakest links
  • Employee Satisfaction = More Productivity = Increased Profits

So what’s the downside?  There really isn’t.

Increases Profit

Assist to target payroll dollars for optimum results. all features

Performance Review

Use for performance review of management. all features


Benchmark against your competition or yourself year-over-year! all features

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In the Hospitality Industry Hotels, Restaurants and Motels exist to make a profit – would you disagree?  The largest controllable expense operating a business in the hospitality sector is the payroll – agree?   Further, it makes sense for management to strive to...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Your Survey System Mobile Friendly?
Yes, our system allows you to conduct a survey on any device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Your employees can take the survey when it is convenient for them. The generated report is available on a desktop or laptop only because of the amount of detail we gather for you.
Can I export my survey results?
Yes, we provide you the ability to export your survey to a Printer, PDF file or an Excel file for futher manipulation of the results.
Can I find out who took the survey or who provided certain answers?
Absolutely NOT! Our survey system guarantees 100% anonymity. We require that at least 3 employees complete the survey before we will provide you the results so that you can not determine who answered what. We do this to ensure your employees answer honestly and not fudge the answers because they know you are watching.

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