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The Power of ES3 Online

Anonymity is 100% Guaranteed

We require any and all surveys to have at least 3 people complete it. Not only that, but any which way you want to cut, slice and dice the report, we will only display the results if the or more people have answered. This is how we can guarantee complete anonymity!

Ask The RIGHT Questions!

There are 17 Mandatory Core Universal Questions asked on every survey. Not enough?

Choose more from our list of 100 additional questions or create your own.

Each question allows for additional comments for clarity.

Choose either our forced response 4-point Likert Scale or a text response.

Fully Mobile Ready Surveys

We know that your employees don’t always have the ability to answer your survey from their desktop computer. Conduct your survey on any device, from desktops, to laptop, to tablets, phablets, phones and more…



Satisfaction Index

Providing you a present snapshot (SI=Satisfaction Index) and can be archived for comparison to previous years. It can also be compared to the aggregate results of multi-location organization or an association

Core Seventeen Satisfaction Index

CSSI (Core Seventeen Satisfaction Index) can be compared to aggregate results of the entire ESS Online System by union/non-union, geography, organization size, and/or NAICS





HR/IR Core Seventeen Satisfaction Index

Providing you a complete snapshot of the core seventeen satisfaction index of the entire system. Compare your core seventeen with this to see how you do. Are you better than most?

Available in 6 Languages

Conduct your survey in any of the 4 languages provided.
*Reports are in English Only


Brazilian Portuguese




Mandarin Chinese

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Self administer the survey
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Line graphs to show year-over-year results
No limit on how many surveys are done at once
Results are immediately available after the last survey is completed