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Verve Testimonial

Re: Employee Satisfaction Survey System
We have now had the opportunity to utilize the HRIR Satellite Employee Satisfaction Survey for four successive years for our multi-location business.
The promise of anonymity and the confidentiality of our results were important considerations for us. We were very pleased with the smooth administration of the system with over 2000 employees completing the on-line survey in the same period with the results available for all reviewers who had received permission instantly upon the completion of the survey.
We use the results to formulate strategic human resources decisions and as a contributor to the performance review of our management staff.
The comparative data allows us to assess how we are doing in different geographic locations in particular, as we discover shrinking labour pools thereby having to ensure optimal retention strategies especially.
I am very pleased to recommend the use of this cost-effective survey tool.
Millie Christie

V.P. People, Verve Senior Living