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Satisfaction Survey For Member’s Employees

Anonymously – On-Line

Employee Satisfaction = Customer Satisfaction = Profitability
Administered by: HR/IR Satellite Inc.

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10 Reasons to Conduct The ORHMA Employee Satisfaction Survey


  1. It’s best to know what your employees truly think – since payroll is your largest cost centre;
  2. Your employees provide your face to your customers – what they think impacts your bottom line – so improving employee satisfaction will help improve profitability;
  3. Surveying helps you measure the performance and effectiveness of supervisors and managers;
  4. It’s a great measurement to help guide incentive and bonus plans;
  5. It helps to compare departments in your organization and to assess weaknesses;
  6. Your employees will know that you care and are progressive – if mutual respect is an organizational value, a survey will strongly support it;
  7. A survey helps you construct proactive strategies to attract and retain staff;
  8. You can monitor, prioritize, and compare initiatives and organizational changes over time.
  9. The survey reporting lets you easily compare findings against all other findings from the hospitality and other industries.
  10. Bonus: ORHMA will have access to the aggregate data of all survey results helping to guide our services and legislative agenda.

Your Investment

›Only $5 per participant to be surveyed

›One time setup fee of $150 per member location with 20 or more employees

›$75.00 per member location with less than 20 employees

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The Process

  • ›Upon registration a unique survey URL for your organization will be established and survey dates scheduled. (This ensures anonymity for employees)
  • ›Forward the survey invite message and URL link in an email to your employees.
  • ›Use desktop, laptop, smartphone, notebook.
  • ›10 to 15 minutes to complete the survey.
  • ›Result and reporting is available on-line immediately upon survey completion (password protected) for your chosen designated “Reviewers”

Note: Employees may be inherently reluctant to participate – your ongoing internal promotion to encourage participation is recommended.

Review the ORHMA Survey


Employees … To survey or not to survey!

Hotels exist to make a profit.  This is certainly the truest statement.  The largest controllable expense to operate a hotel is the payroll.  Therefore does it not make sense to best understand one of the biggest drivers of guest satisfaction in a hotel? Whether we...

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Can I add my own questions to the survey

Yup, you can. Please contact us (888) 677-0177.


How is this 100% anonymous?

We don’t want to know the participants name and the results that you get will require a minimum of 3 participants to complete before we will show you the results. This is how we can ensure anonymity!

If I have multiple locations, can I compare one location to the other?

Yes you can, you can also compare one location to the remaining locations and even break it down by departments.

What is involved if we undertake a survey?

In preparation for this event, several key conditions should be met:

  • All employees need uninterrupted and private access to a work or home computer with internet access in order to complete the survey online. Employees should plan a minimum of 15 minutes to complete the survey.
  • Posting or notification of the survey in advance of the survey open period should be provided approximately 7 days before the opening date.
  • In the event that a given department has less than three employees, those employees must be allocated to another department for the purpose of completing the survey and maintaining confidentiality and anonymity.
  • A unique URL link for the survey will be sent to your organization before the survey period begins. It is best to “bookmark” the link on any computer(s) that will be used for employees to complete the survey at work. The URL link can be distributed via email to all employees who have access to their own personal work or home computer.
  • Designating an “Employee Survey Ambassador” to be responsible for assisting any employees will help promote participation. Obviously, this should be a person of trust who will not influence the employee’s response.



  1. ANONYMITY: Employees should be advised that individual responses cannot be traced – there is no login required to the open survey URL. Further, the system automatically adjusts so that no results are shown if there are not at least 3 responses – this helps to ensure anonymity.
  1. CONFIDENTIALITY: Survey findings are kept strictly confidential and password protected to be accessed only by those individuals that the organization specifies as a “Reviewer”.
  1. We advise that survey results should be shared with employees, and employees should be thanked for their participation. This will help ensure employee support of any subsequent efforts.

Please contact us you have any questions or concerns.

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